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Ear Protection

Food Dect Ear Plug (50 pairs)
£ 25.55
Detectable and reusable ear plugs. Pre-moulded flange for optimal sealing. A metal ball bearing is implanted in the stem making the ear plug highly detectable. Two colours available. Recommended for use in food industry environments.
Corded PU Foam Ear Plug (200)
£ 27.97
Comfortable fit soft foam ear plugs with the convenience of a cord. The tapered shape allows for a comfortable and easy fit in the ear canal. Each pair is inside a resealable hygienic polybag.
Ear Plug Dispenser (Pk500)
£ 53.69
Dispenser container for EP02. One gentle turn delivers a pair of uncorded foam earplugs. It can be used on a horizontal surface or be hung on the wall. Sold with 500 pairs EP02 included.
Earplug Dispenser Refill (500)
£ 30.98
500 pairs of ear plugs EP02 refill for dispenser EP20. These soft ear plugs seal the ear canal with soft slow-recovery foam for excellent noise reduction and comfort.
Classic HV Ear Protector
£ 4.68
Hi-Visibility colour. Suitable for all day comfort.
Super HV Ear Protector
£ 5.76
Hi-Visibility colour. Folds to palm size preventing external contamination.
£ 8.27
Hi-Visibility colour. Compatible with safety helmets PW50 PW51 PW57.
Radio Ear Protector Plus
£ 10.44
The Radio Ear Protector Plus has a full digital interface which allows you to save time on the job by pre tuning stations It also comes with a line in feature allowing it to easily interface with any digital device such as your phone or MP3 for added versatility.The convenient positioning of the volume and frequency buttons enables the user to easily adjust the controls without removing the ear protector.
Endurance HV Ear Protector
£ 7.68
High-Visibility Colour. This product is compatible with safety helmets PS53 PS54 PW54 PS55 PW55 PV60 PV64 PV50 PV54 and PS51.