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Elasticated Work Belt
£ 3.84
Fully adjustable and fashionable this belt is constructed with every day use and wear and tear in mind. It boasts a strong but easy release buckle making it an all round popular style.
Cold Store Balaclava
£ 2.59
This fleece Balaclava is great value and is essential to any winter kit. The soft fleece fabric protects the head and face in harsh weather conditions.
Cooling Crown With Neckshade
£ 4.93
This Cooling Crown is lightweight and very comfortable when in use. It can help to lower body temperature for several hours. It attaches to most hard hats and bump caps. This accessory helps protect head and neck from heat stress and sun rays.
Cooling Headband
£ 5.85
The cooling headband is designed to help keep the wearer cool in warm climates. It is lightweight and easy to use. Can be worn under helmets and hats or by itself and offers hours of cooling without compromising mobility.
PP Mob Cap (Pk 3000pcs)
£ 68.55
Pleated for efficient storage and with an elasticated headband the D100 is widely used in a multitude of environments including food processing and handling and laboratory work. Made from spun Polypropylene with durable double stitching.
PP Visitor Coat (200pcs)
£ 118.82
Available in five generous sizes this jacket is worn extensively in food processing plants laboratories and other various clean areas. The front fastens with poppers and each coat is individually wrapped.
Food Dect Ear Plug (50 pairs)
£ 25.55
Detectable and reusable ear plugs. Pre-moulded flange for optimal sealing. A metal ball bearing is implanted in the stem making the ear plug highly detectable. Two colours available. Recommended for use in food industry environments.
Reusable Corded Ear Plug (50)
£ 23.05
Reusable ear plugs. The TPE (thermo plastic elastomer) material moulds to the ear canal after a few minutes by reacting to the warmth so the product fits almost every wearer.