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Portwest 3 Point Harness Comfort Plus
£ 99.20
This universal harness incorporates all fall arrest and protection needs in one. Features include two chest loops two side D-rings sliding dorsal D-ring two seating loops and two lower back rings. Fully adjustable with shoulder back and seat padding for extra comfort.
Portwest 4 Point Harness Comfort Plus
£ 18.64
Ergonomically designed with the users comfort in mind. The 4 Point Harness Comfort Plus has been engineered from lightweight aluminium optimising strength and durability. It provides 4 points of attachmentone rear D ring two side D rings and an upper and lower chest D ring. Quick release buckles for easy donning. Ideal for work positioning or suspension work.
Kernmantle Lanyard
£ 16.23
Developed for continuous protection while working at heights this strong durable 150cm Kernmantle Rope Lanyard has a scaffold hook and carabiner.
Single Lanyard
£ 16.23
This 150cm lanyard is made from polyester rope with a scaffold hook and a carabiner.
Adjustable Restraint Lanyard
£ 32.57
Adjustable rope lanyard ideal for work restraint. It is 200cm in length including connectors.
Single Lanyard With Shock Absorber
£ 47.39
This lanyard is 180 cm in total including 120cm rope tear open energy absorber snap hook and a scaffold hook.
Rope Grabber
£ 318.84
Rope grabber for 16mm rope automatic lock. Breaking load:13kN.
Steel Rope Fall Arrest Block
£ 117.53
This fall arrest block comprises of a retractable lifeline made of wire rope which is stored on a reel within a protective housing. The reel is spring-based to wind the retractable lifeline in. The reel incorporates an inertia brake mechanism which allows the lifeline to be slowly extracted and automatically retracted to accommodate the user’s body movements. It also comprises of a swivel snap hook with a double safety lock and fall indicator.
Quick Connect Tool Lanyard
£ 13.83
A versatile tool lanyard which prevents falling objects from a height. Specifically designed to be interchangeable with FP45 suitable for quick and easy exchanges of multiple tools.
Thermo Pro Glove
£ 5.91
Design with a dual latex coating for superior grip and protection against liquids and water penetration. The insulated liner protects from cold ensuring hands are kept warm. Ergonomically designed to optimise comfort enhance dexterity and provide high level of resistant to abrasion and tearing.
Dexti Cut Pro Glove
£ 5.51
A highly dexterous glove with a cut 3 seamless liner ideal for prolonged use and preventing hand fatique. The sandy palm nitrile coating gives excellent grip. This glove also features a reinforced thumb crotch for added durability in that high-wear area.
Aqua Cut Pro Glove
£ 5.21
The fully coated Aqua Cut Pro glove offers maximum cut resistance. The first coat is a smooth nitrile and the second coat is foam nitrile providing a secure grip and a barrier against contaminants. Elastic wrist cuff provides a secure snug fit.
Dexti Cut Ultra Glove
£ 6.91
This seamless constructed cut 5 glove is engineered using HPPE yarn with a sandy palm nitrile coating. This glove also features a reinforced thumb crotch for added durability in that high-wear area.
Nero Lite Foam Glove
£ 3.01
Using a water base PU this glove promotes enhanced dexterity and is softer on the skin. The seamless 18 gauge provides excellent breathability and comfort. The “Nero lite” is solvent free making it ideal for the car industry.
Liquid Pro Glove
£ 2.30
Featuring the latest innovation in double coating technology the Liquid Pro offers maximum liquid protection. The smooth latex is fully coated before a second latex foam palm dip is applied this process ensures maximum and superior grip is achieved. An Elasticated wrist provides for a secure fit.