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Eye Protection



Avenger Safety Spectacle
£ 3.91
Strong flexible modern and stylish the Portwest Avenger Safety Spectacle is a premium safety product offering superior eye protection to the user.A modern rubberised finish provides added comfort for the wearer while flexible temples and adjustable soft nose clips ensures a perfect fit.
Defender Safety Spectacle
£ 4.71
Sport style safety spectacles with upper frame only for light-weight design. Adjustable soft nose bridge and pressure free fitting temples make this model a class leader in eye protection.
Athens Sport Spectacle
£ 4.71
The Athens Sport Spectacle is designed with particular attention to user’s morphology. Lightweight strong and flexible it\'s ideal for long use. This spectacle features contrasting soft tips for a modern sports look and improved anti-slip comfort.
Tech Look Plus
£ 4.71
Dielectric safety spectacles with metal free hinges features a tough and modern design with dual material on the side arms. The wide elastic band ensures an improved fit and can be easily combined with helmets and ear defenders. The removable EVA foam gasket allows extra comfort and offers additional protection against shocks and dust.
Tech Look
£ 2.20
Innovative lightweight dielectric safety spectacle with metal free hinges featuring a tough and modern design with dual material on the side arms. Side holes offer increased ventilation for optimum comfort.
Tech Metal Spectacle
£ 7.11
The Tech Metal Spectacle is constructed with a metal frame and modern look and is suitable for a wide range of industries. It provides protection against high speed particles at extreme temperatures and is ultraviolet radiation resistance tested.
Portwest Chemical Goggle
£ 3.91
PS21 is an indirect ventilation goggle with acetate lens material suitable for chemical use. Superior anti-fog treatment (marked N on the lens) and ultra soft frame ensure a comfortable wear for long working days.
Portwest Over-Spectacle
£ 1.74
PS30 is an ultra-lightweight spectacle designed to be worn over prescription glasses. Its wide panoramic lens with moulded side shields and brow guard offers a superior protection to the wearer. The adjustable and extendable arms ensure a comfortable and secure fitted.
Wrap Around Plus Spectacle
£ 1.74
Our best selling Wrap Around Spectacle is now available with additional edge protection thanks to the removable gasket which offers a super comfortable fit and optimal protection against dust and impacts. The lens are treated with anti-scratch and anti-fog coating for improved performances.
Safety Eye Screen Plus
£ 2.30
PS33 has adjustable arms equipped with tips in contrast colour for a stylish look and optimised comfort. The lens with anti-scratch and anti fog treatments grants longevity to the spectacles.
Neon Safety Spectacle
£ 3.81
Our Neon Safety Spectacle features contrast colour details andwrap around design with brow and side protection for increased protection and wide field vision. Lightweight with adjustable arm lengths (5 different lengths) the Neon Safety Spectacle has soft tips to offer optimised wearer comfort.
Arc Flash Visor Class 1
£ 50.10
PS90 is classified as Arc Protection Class 1 and VLT Class 0 product as per GS-ET-29 and E DIN 58118. It provides the maximum light transmittance and improved colour recognition as per EN 170. This visor consists of a face shield with a bracket for slotted caps. It is compatible with all Portwest hard hats but recommended to be used on hard hats approved for arc flash protection at the maximum expected level.
Arc Flash Visor Class 2
£ 130.76
PS91 Arc Flash Visor Class 2 is arc protection Class 2 and VLT Class 1 product. It exceeds the highest arc flash protection according to GS-ET-29 and E DIN 58118 and is designed to maximise colour perception and visible light transmittance. It has a universal slot adapter for hard hats a large permanently attached chin protector and a light green moulded injected visor with anti-fog coating. Recommended to be used only on hard hats approved for arc flash protection.
Vultus Spectacle
£ 2.81
These stylish wrap around safety glasses offer extreme coverage with brow guard and side shields.
Levo Spectacle
£ 6.01
Levo spectacle\'s innovative concept offers the comfort of a safety spectacle with the fit and seal of a goggle. The back foam gives added brow and cheek protection. The arms can be interchanged with the adjustable head-strap for more fitted wear. Excellent ventilation through indirect vents in the back foam which aids in preventing misting and fogging.
Clear View Spectacle
£ 2.14
Tough looking wrap around streamline design excellent protective coverage and fitting. Ultra light and panoramic view.
Lite Safety Spectacles
£ 2.24
Super lightweight and durable spectacle with a sleek design and 10 base curve lens. Larger fitting size for a perfect custom fit.
Fossa Spectacle
£ 2.40
Fossa safety spectacle provides wrap around coverage for a panoramic view thanks to the excellent polycarbonate quality. Stylish rubber tip temples and a mono-lens ensures these glasses fits all face shapes.
Curvo Spectacle
£ 2.40
This spectacle has a curved lens and essential sport look. Adjustable arms inclination for optimised fit and soft nose bridge for extra comfort.
Umbra Polarised Spectacle
£ 19.24
This polarised safety spectacle eliminates all reflective glare that hits the lens reducing eyestrain. The lenses provide 99% protection against UV light. Anti-slip rubber temple for added comfort. Adjustable and extendable arms.
LED Spectacle Light
£ 1.32
Multi-directional clip-on spectacle LED light source for working in confined spaces where portable light source is needed. Easily and quickly turned on/off.
Direct Vent Goggle
£ 1.54
Designed to be worn in a tough work environment this goggle is fitted with a flexible PVC frame for ultra light and comfortable wear. Direct Ventilation.
Indirect Vent Goggle
£ 4.21
Designed to be worn in a tough work environment this goggle is fitted with a flexible PVC frame for ultra light and comfortable wear. Indirect Ventilation.
Challenger Goggle
£ 2.14
Wide panoramic UV protective lens treated with anti scratch and anti fog coating for long-lasting performance. The special shape of the lens allow it to be worn with prescription glasses and disposable dust masks. Improved design with a larger elastic band for optimized comfort. Indirect ventilation.
Ultra Vista Shield
£ 5.81
This visor is for combination use with goggles. It is designed to increase the protection of the whole face. High velocity impact resistance grades even at extreme temperatures. Compatible with PW24 and PW25 goggles only.
Ultra Vista Goggle Unvented
£ 8.32
Non-vented premium level goggle. Excellent protection against large dust particles fine dust particles gas and liquid splashes. Excelled when tested for high impact resistance and extreme temperatures (ranging from –5°C to +55°C). Can be worn with prescription glasses.Compatible with the PW23 shield increasing the level of face protection for the wearer.