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General Handling

PU Palm Glove
£ 0.56
Perfect for intricate tasks where dexterity and breathability are essential. Now available in a wide range of colours and sizes.
Flexo Grip Glove
£ 0.64
The nitrile coating on the Flexo Grip Glove gives enhanced abrasion resistance. Ideal for auto repair construction and other sectors.
Fortis Grip Glove
£ 0.68
The Fortis Grip Glove offers the necessary hand protection with both comfort and grip at an affordable price.
Assembly Glove (960 Pairs)
£ 241.18
100% pylon seamless 13 gauge liner makes it a perfect fit for any job requiring a high demand on fine motor skill dexterity and maximum tactile feedback.
Knitwrist Liner (600 Pairs)
£ 136.97
Suitable as a liner or on its own for extra warmth.
Microdot Glove
£ 0.72
An all purpose highly dexterous 100% Terry cotton glove with three stitched detail on the back giving a more secure fit. PVC dots to the palm area and fingers provide a superior grip
£ 1.04
Premium quality latex palm dipped 10 gauge glove which provides good tear and abrasion resistance for secure handling in both wet and dry conditions. Open back for ventilation and ergonomic design to reduce hand fatigue.
Polka Dot Glove
£ 0.72
By combining enhanced grip with excellent dexterity the Polka Dot Glove performs well in dry conditions. Seamless 13 gauge knitted liner with PVC dotted palm.
Fortis Polka Dot Glove
£ 0.40
Lightweight comfortable seamless 7 gauge glove with PVC dotted palm for enhanced grip this glove offers superior finger dexterity and is ideal for dry handling.
Heavyweight Polka Dot Glove
£ 0.80
Perfect for a range of heavy duty handling tasks with added contact heat resistance.
Polka Dot Plus Glove
£ 0.92
The dual PVC dots to both sides of the glove allows for easy donning and prolongs the life of the glove.
Fingerless Polka Dot Glove
£ 0.74
Excellent grip and dexterity this low linting fingerless glove is constructed using a seamless liner for enhanced wearer comfort. The PVC dotting to palm improves grip and durability.
PU Fingertip Glove
£ 0.50
PU dipped on the fingertip area to protect against nicks and cuts. Suitable for use in microelectronics precision assembly and inspection.
PU Ultra Glove
£ 0.90
A comfortable and breathable nylon liner 3/4 dipped in PU for extensive coverage. The additional dipping provides an even higher percentage of protection to the hand while giving all the added benefits of a polyurethane glove.
PU Palm Glove (480 pairs)
£ 261.22
The best selling PU Palm Glove is now available in a 12 pair retail pack for easier storage and improved value.
Criss Cross Glove
£ 0.94
For that extra bit of grip. The PVC pattern on the palm and the back of the 7 gauge glove makes it an ideal choice for general handling work duties.
Tough Grip Glove
£ 0.80
Maximizing the strengths of both polyester and cotton the base of this glove is a knitted liner constructed from a poly-cotton mix. A layer of super durable latex with a textured finish is then added to the palm and finger areas providing added protection and grip.
Open Back Latex Glove
£ 1.50
Ideal for light handling requirements. Knitwrist for secure fit and open back for ventilation. Latex dipped for grip.
Flex Grip Latex Glove
£ 0.72
Designed using a seamless knitted liner with a waterproof latex coated palm this glove promotes a high level of comfort flexibility and softness. The ergonomic design mimics the hands natural curvature reducing hand fatigue. Breathable open back of hand aids to reduce perspiration.
Duo-Flex Glove
£ 1.34
The \'Duo-flex\' combines some advanced dipping techniques which allow this glove to be double dipped in crucial wear areas. Increasing the protection and durability of the glove in the areas you most need it without adding to the weight or decreasing dexterity.
£ 1.44
Fully coated nitrile knitwrist glove designed for applications that require additional abrasion resistance. Tough nitrile coating prevents grease oil and water penetration. Suitable for refuse collection utilities and maintenance.
Nitrile Safety Cuff Glove
£ 1.50
Heavyweight nitrile dipped glove with canvas safety cuff for added protection. Open back for ventilation and breathability.
£ 1.50
The A301\'s popularity has led to the introduction of the A302. This extra durable heavyweight nitrile glove is fully dipped giving even more protection against cuts scrapes punctures and tears. The safety cuff feature allows for these gloves to be removed instantly with ease.