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Safety Shoes

Steelite Trouper Shoe S1P
£ 25.55
Strong and flexible the Trouper shoe is ideal for long hours of wear. Steel toecap and midsole oil resistant and energy absorbing seat region. Outstanding comfort with classic black styling.
Steelite Shoe S3
£ 26.55
Provides exceptional protection. Superb dual density slip resistant outsole steel toecap and midsole with a water resistant upper for an extremely durable safety shoe.
Steelite Protector Shoe S1P
£ 17.94
This popular safety shoe is lightweight and durable allowing you to work confidently in any environment. Superb slip resistant oil resistant and energy absorbing outsole with protective steel toecap and midsole.
Steelite Air Cushion Safety Shoe SB
£ 31.86
Classically styled cemented safety shoe with special air cushioned outsole for energy absorption and slip resistance. Ideal for those working in security corporate transport etc.
Steelite Ladies Safety Shoe S1
£ 28.36
This ladies shoe offers S1 protection and ensures maximum comfort for the wearer even when worn for long durations.
Steelite Kumo Shoe S3
£ 22.04
Outstanding low cut style with water resistant upper. Lightweight strong and flexible design allows you to work in comfort. Steel toecap and midsole features ensure your feet are safe from impact and compression.
Steelite Thor Shoe S3
£ 35.27
Steel toecap and midsole are suitable for a variety of work environments. Dual density antistatic and slip resistant outsole for excellent grip. Full grain leather upper offers water resistant protection to keep your feet dry and comfortable.
Steelite Executive Brogue S1P
£ 45.99
Brogue style executive safety shoe manufactured from Brazilian full grain cow leather with a special moisture management fabric for extra comfort.
Steelite Executive Oxford Shoe S1P
£ 45.99
Premium quality Oxford style executive shoe with a dual density outsole 200 joule steel toecap and midsole.
Steelite Ladies Court Shoe S1
£ 42.89
Manufactured from Full Grain Leather with a protective steel toecap for 200 joule protection and a lightweight PU outsole.
Occupational Slip On Shoe O2
£ 23.95
Washable upper with a self-cleaning outsole makes this slip on shoe ideal when a protective toecap is not required. Lightweight and comfortable construction.
Steelite Mustang Shoe S3
£ 39.98
Excellent fit and comfort. The dual density PU/TPU outsole is tough and hard wearing for any work environment. Water resistant S3 protection keeps your feet protected. Steel toecap and midsole with external chassis system for increased stability.
Steelite Hiker Shoe S1P
£ 24.55
Offers reliability comfort and safety. Steel toecap and midsole dual density and energy absorbing seat region features provide a long lasting comfortable style. Scuff cap design increases longevity of the safety shoe.
Steelite Trekker Shoe S1P
£ 25.25
Breathable strong and flexible style. Steel toecap midsole and oil resistant outsole will give you peace of mind when working.
Steelite Laced Safety Shoe S2
£ 28.46
Classic styled laced safety shoe with padded collar for all day comfort. Minimal design makes this collection practical safe and durable.
Steelite Slip On Safety Shoe S2
£ 28.46
Outstanding slip-on style ideal for medical and food industries. The easy to clean microfibre upper is practical safe and durable. Steel toecap and excellent slip resistance.
Steelite Safety Clog SB AE WRU
£ 27.96
This lightweight microfibre style offers superb close fit and comfort in a clog design with a detachable back strap.
Steelite Ultra Safety Shoe S1P
£ 20.04
Upmarket range of everyday safety footwear at an affordable price. Eye catching design with orange trims and full safety specification with steel toecap and midsole antistatic and slip resistant. Complete with extra padding in heel area for abrasion resistance.
Phoenix Anti Slip Slip On Safety Shoe S2
£ 41.38
Manufactured from high quality water resistant microfibre with protective steel toecap. Ideal for use in food processing hospitals laboratories etc. Where slip resistance and safety are paramount.